The Description Of The Main Components Of A Stenter

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The Description Of The Main Components Of A Stenter


Hot Air stenter is one of the many types of the stenter and it is more obvious difference between the other stenters is the heating device ,it is through the hot air directly heating on the fabric , while some stenters make air as heating source ,such as air stenter .

There are many different components in the stenter,precisely cause by these parts cooperate with each other ,then the finalizing operation can be successfully completed .The main function of the portal frame and width limiter is to help selvedge guider to expand and correct the cloth, and it can choose the high-low cloth feeding.

The compound center corrector of the stenter also has the function of direct line correction.The compound center corrector is actually what we call a selvedge guider.In addition, the main function of the padder is to press the water and the sizing.The main function of the weft corrector is to be able to correct the skew or bowedweft of the cloth .

In addition, during the operation of the stenter, the tension control is more important.The tension between the sizing machine and the setting machine is controlled by means of the speed compensation device.The central control panel component mainly focuses on the whole electric adjustment function in the top of the inlet box, which contains a total of 95% operation function of the whole machine.In practice, the user mainly operates on the central control panel.

To facilitate the users in time to observe the actual processing effect, the stenter is also equipped with a monitor, it is mainly used to match the camera in the draw-out area, in order to monitor the status of the fabric and quality.The main task of the show edge detector and the edge tracker is to carry out the spread of the front of the needle and the edge tracking function.

In order to guarantee the use performance of the stenter, it is also equipped with a wide adjustment mechanism. The user can adjust the width according to the actual needs.In addition, there are exhaust system, cooling device, denim cuttings and the cutting knife.

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